Manage through document lifecycle

  • Papyrus allows users to efficiently manage a document through its lifecycle. Only a user or group with authorization is able to create, review, or approve a document. At each stage, distribution of the document to all concerned parties will be done automatically by Papyrus.

Document Management System

Document version/revision control

  • Document version/revision is automatically managed and controlled to guarantee that the most updated documents are always being used.

Any document any format

  • Papyrus supports widely-used documents including Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, WordPerfect, HTML, Open Office, Image format and many others.

Document Electronic Forms


  • You can build your own e-forms with your own company logo using drag-&-drop through Papyrus E-form-design center. The E-form center will manage the revision of all e-forms used in your organization automatically, so all users will always be assured of using the most up-to-date form. Common form-templates are provided for fast implementation but can be easily modified to fit with your organization’s style.

Document Management Software security

  • Secured login with advanced password control in Papyrus helps protect unauthorized users from accessing your documents. Only individuals on the approval and distribution list for a particular document will have the authorization to access that document and each user can only access the documents relevant to their work.

Document Management Software Status monitoring

  • The audit trail of document approval and acknowledgement is traceable in real time. Users will know where each document is and the document administrator will be authorized to reroute document tasks and assign them to another person when an unforeseen event leaves a document stranded or unfinished.

Powerful document search & retrieval

  • To retrieve a specific document, Papyrus has powerful search features that use vigorous filtering methods to help users find just the right document in seconds.

Document Management Report & statistical analysis

  • Management will be able to easily create reports on whatever criteria meets their needs. They can see activities on each document type, user, department, topic, and other factors.Already included are graphical reports that provide basic analysis which can help management to predict and measure the organization’s performance.

Smart workflow engine with self-tester

  • Papyrus comes embedded with a smart and user-friendly workflow engine that automatically finds the correct user in the document routing process. Furthermore, Papyrus is the first solution which has a workflow self-tester. This essential tool helps users predict and correct path-design problems at the moment of creation, which will save a lot of administrator's time.

In-process document aging

  • To manage the approval process on deadline, Papyrus provides a setting for sending automatic warning emails to any user who is late to respond.

Lowest maintenance solution

  • Smart workflow, role-based support, and revision control make Papyrus the lowest maintenance solution among all the applications of its kind. And, its web-based application design makes it much easier for IT officers to maintain hundreds of user.

Full paperless implementation

  • With the provided legacy-system link, Papyrus seamlessly integrates with ERP and HRMS systems such as SAP, Oracle, and others. This will enable the conversion to a full Paperless system in your organization.

Configurable for your demand

  • Papyrus is designed to be flexible and can be configured to meet your unique demands. Your staff need only make a small effort to adapt themselves to the new environment but will see big efficiency gains. The implementation period will be incredibly short with little or no customization needed.