Benefits of Workflow & Document Management Software

Benefits for users

  • No document loss
  • Workflow – Convey documents immediately to the right person(s)
  • Receive email and notification alerts on Papyrus screen for documents newly released and/or awaiting for approvals
  • Automatically generated document numbers for issuance and revision (no need to keep track)
  • Assurance to use only the latest version of documents
  • View, search and manage documents:
       o Anytime
       o Anywhere
       o On any devices (computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles)
  • Increase operation efficiency

Benefits for IT department

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to integrate with current application systems such as ERP, HRMS, etc. (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  • Receive training (users and admins) from implementation team
  • Receive support from support team
  • Create unlimited
       o Workflow
       o e-forms
       o document folders

Benefits for the Organization

  • Improve Performance
       o Increase efficiency
       o Real time remote access from any branch
       o Real time reports
       o Reduce administrative time
       o Compliance with international standards (ISO, GMP, GLP, HACCP, etc.)
  • Increase Security
       o Check status, track and trace any documents in real time
       o Set permissions and restrictions to access, view, print, download, issue, edit, revise documents
       o No lost or missing documents
       o Password protection
       o Document encryption
  • Reduce costs
       o Storage costs
       o Printing associated costs
       o Labor costs
       o Human error costs
       o Operating costs
  • Reduce total time of new business process implementation
  • Using Papyrus ensures that audits are passed and certifications obtained.