FAQ on Papyrus - Workflow & Document Management Solution

  • Is an expert/IT professional required to design workflow? No, any users who has received basic training can create workflows.
  • Does Papyrus workflow support data transfer from other sources? Yes, it does. Indeed, when designing a workflow, there is a tab named “script” that you may use to write script to retrieve data from an external source.
  • Does it support documents in other languages? Yes, it does. It can support any languages as long as your Windows application (Microsoft) and Acrobat Reader (Adobe) support them.
  • How to maintain workflows when there are some changes with users (resigned employee for instance)? We recommend designing workflows role-based rather than person-based to avoid any issues that may arise with employee turnover, etc. Therefore, workflows do not need to be redesigned but simply amend the organization chart as required and Papyrus will automatically update the changes in the workflows.